Future Progress

Future progress in integrated medicine depends largely on focused research and innovative techniques of application. Currently, new researches in herbal products are being carried out in local universities, research institutes and by privately run plantations. In this respect, the country should be vigilant in ensuring that our bio-diversity is not endangered.

To-date a number of Legal Acts have been formulated to enhance the development of this industry and to ensure the proper and sustainable exploitation of the natural resources of the country. Similarly, other countries are drawing their own regulations in the production of safe herbal products and the  preservation of their natural habitat.

300 popular herbs that are being used in the country for treatment of various health conditions have been documented in the Corporate Agriculture Directory 2008/2009. Using herbs for treatment of health conditions is a culture in Malaysia. These health conditions ranges from waning libido, ear pain, swelling, asthma, coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, wounds, dye, kidney stone, piles, skin diseases, fever, poor digestion, blood cholesterol, slimming, intestinal ailments, cuts and bruises, debility, dysuria, post natal treatment, nausea, rheumatism, dysentery, sore throat, flatulence, worms, dysmenorrheal, diarrhorea, excessive menstruation, blood pressure, rectal inflammation, mosquito repellent, fatigue to diabetes.

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