Ginseng Roots – Price Values and Quantity by Year from 2000 to 2007

3.6.18 Ginseng Roots  – Price Values and Quantity by Year from 2000 to 2007 Overview

Scientific name:Panax quinquefolius L.
Plant part used:Roots
HS Code:121120000
SITC Code:292420000 Analysis

Ginseng roots are usually traded in dry  form. They have applications in traditional medicines. Exports of the product were usually in moderate quantities. During the period under consideration, the quantities exported were from 794.2 kg to 28,084.4 kg. Generally, the quantities showed undulating increased and decreased profile during the trading years. The maximum increase was in year 2004 with a value of about 28,084 kg. The irregular amounts transacted indicated the unpredictability of clients’  requirements and availability of supplies. The revenues collected from this trade during the period showed a significant decrease from year to year until year 2006 when the revenue picked up again. The unit cost per kg of product  is in similar pattern  to that of the revenue profile with its maximum value at RM158.94 and the lowest value at RM9.73.

During the initial years from 2000 to 2003, the export-import value differences (cost per kg of product), were in the positive while for the rest of the period, the differences showed negative values. Profits were made during the initial years and that in the later years, other considerations were evident.



Table 97: Summary of export volumes and values



 Figure 147: Malaysia’s export 2000 – 2007 for Ginseng roots



Figure 148: Exported Ginseng roots price trend 2000 – 2007


YearExport(RM)Import (RM)Diff (RM)

Table 98: Export and Import Unit Cost Differences of Herbal Products : 2000 -2007

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