Oceania Region

6.1.5 Oceania Region

The countries of Oceania include Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Malaysia’s export to these countries of destination initially rose significantly during the years 2000 to 2003.   The trend showed a slight increase in quantity traded however, after year 2004, the amount remained almost constant. Australia imported about 63% of the raw materials from Malaysia while New Zealand had about 29% of the export. Both of these countries controlled about 92% of exported raw materials to the region Fiji and Papua New Guinea imported about 7.7% of Malaysia’s export (see Figure 242, Table188 and Figure 243).

Main products exported to Australia were other spices, cinnamon and cinnamon tree flowers neither crushed nor ground and some amounts of other alkaloids of cinchona and their derivatives and salts and some mixtures of other spices. New Zealand imported other spices and some amounts of tumeric. Fiji imported some amounts of other spices and other alkaloids of cinchona and their derivatives and salts, while Papua New Guinea imported some amounts of other mixtures of odoriferous substances of a kind used as raw materials in industry. Refer to Appendix 5 (Oceania: Export of herbal raw material and aromatic plants 2000-2007 by country).

Export Trend

6.5.1Figure 242: Trend of Malaysia’s Export to  Oceania Countries (2000-2007)

Proportions and Quantity of Raw Material Exported to Countries of Destination

6.5.2Figure 243 : Malaysia’s Total Export to Oceania Region (2000-2007)

Countries of Destination in the Oceania Region

6.5.3Table 188: Export destinations in the Oceania Region

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