Other vegetable products Not Elsewhere Specified And Included

3.6.26 Other vegetable products Not Elsewhere Specified And Included Price Values and Quantity by Year from 2000 to 2007 Overview

Scientific name: N/A
Common name:Vegetables products
Plant part used:Saps, exudates, extracts
HS Code:140490000
SITC Code:29299000 Analysis

Other vegetable products not elswhere specified refers to products such as cotton linters, hard seeds, hulls and nuts. Some of the seeds and nuts are used for planting. Export quantities were usually in large amounts ranging from about 558,438 kg to about 3.241 million kg throughout the observed period. The amounts traded yearly had an undulating profile starting at a higher value and  lower as the year progressed. There were 2 peaks in the profile, which were in years 2003 and  2006. The export revenues profile however, was different, with continuous increases from year 2004 till year 2007. The unit cost per kg of product which started from RM0.32 to RM1.69 had less influence on the amount exported.

Differences between export and import values for the period with respect to unit costs per kg of products, recorded negative values throughout the observed period. The values ranged from RM-3.46 in year 2000 to RM-8.34 in year 2005.



Table 113: Summary of export volumes and values



Figure 163: Malaysia’s export 2000 – 2007 for Other Vegetable Products



Figure 164: Exported Other Vegetable Products price trend 2000 – 2007



Table 114: Export and Import Unit Cost Differences of Herbal Products 2000 -2007

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