Trend Analysis on Total Export of Herbal Raw Materials from Year 2000 to 2007

The total quantity (kg) and the total worth (RM) of exports for all types of herbal materials during the stated period are shown in the accompanying graph and table. The total quantities for all the items considered, portrayed fluctuating levels and the differences between each level were significant. The rise and fall of the amount exported in the initial years were more visible than in the second cycle. It is difficult to predict the future trend for the export of herbal raw materials from the country due to uncertain market environment both within the country and globally. The revenue profile for the export of the product fluctuated less than that of the quantity profile and generally indicated a slightly increasing trend towards the end of the period.


Table 146: Summary of value and volume of export



Figure 195: Malaysia’s Total Export Trend from 2000 – 2007


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