Al-Farooq Unani Medical College, Madhya Pradesh, India


Al-Farooq Unani Medical College, Madhya Pradesh, India

Contact Details

1, Dargah Main Road,
Khajrana, Indore – 452 016.
Madhya Pradesh, India.

Phone: +91/0 731 2593923
Toll free: Not available
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Training Therapy

Unani Medicine

Level Of Training


Qualification Awarded

Kamil-e-Tib-o-Jarahat (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery, abbreviated as BUMS)

Duration Of Training

4 years and 6 months + 12 months internship

Entry Requirements

A candidate seeking admission to Kamil-e-Tib-o-Jarahat / B.U.M.S. (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) Course must have passed Senior Secondary (12th Standard) / Inter mediate examination with Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) or its equivalent examination approved by Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) and a certificate of Urdu language of tenth class standard or any equivalent Urdu examination.

Minimum Age

17 years as on 31st December in the year of admission. The age limit shall not be relaxable.


Candidates will be selected for admission on the basis of merit determined by their performance in the competitive entrance test PAHUT (Pre Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani Test) conducted by Madhya Pradesh Professional Examinations Board, Bhopal.

Enrollment Time

Not Available

Learning Outcome

Candidates will be competent Unani Physicians who can handle all sorts of cases medical as well as surgical based on their extensive knowledge about the fundamental theories and the basic principles of the Unani Systems of Medicine with modern advances where necessary. Such Unani graduate shall be competent to serve in the medical and health services of the country.

Type Of Attendance

Full time

Credit Hour

Not available


9 semesters equivalent


Both components (theory and practical / clinical) will be utilized throughout the course.

Learning Module

1st Professional

  • Tashreeh-ul-Badan (Anatomy)
  • Afal-ul-Aza (Physiology)
  • Umoor-e-Tabiya (Principles of Medicine)
  • Mantique , Falsafe-e-Haiyat
  • Arabic
  • Tarikh-e-Tib (History of Medicines)

2nd Professional

  • Ilmul Advia I (Pharmacology) (Kulliyat & Mufradat)
  • Ilmul Advia II (Pharmacology) (Qarabadin & Saidla)
  • Ilmul Amraz and Sareeryat (Pathology & Clinics)
  • Ilmul Samoom & Tibbe Qanooni (Juresprudence &Toxicolog)
  • Hifzane Sehat Tahaffuzi & Samaji Tib (Preventive & Social)

3rd Professional

  • Moalijat I (Medicine)
  • Moalijat II (Medicine)
  • Jarahiyat (Surgery)
  • Amraz Ain , Uzn , Anaf , Halaq (E.N.T & Eye)
  • Ilmul Qabalat , Niswan & Atfal (Obstetries & Gynocology)

Teaching Faculty

  • Department of Kulliyat (Principles of Medicine)
  • Department of Tashreeh-ul-Badan –wa- Munafeul Aaza (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Department of IImul Advia (Phamacology)
  • Department of Tahaffuzi-wa-Samaji Tib (P.S.M.)
  • Department of Moalijat (Medicine)
  • Department of IImul Qabalat –wa- Amraze  Niswan-o-Atfal (Obstetrics ,Gynaecology & Pediatrics)
  • Department of Jarahiyat (Surgery)

Source Of Accreditation

Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM)

Graduate Pathways

Upon completion graduates can pursue postgraduate level courses

Career Opportunities

Upon completion graduates can practice in Unani with accreditation

Course Fees

Not available

How To Apply

Candidates may contact the institution (refer contact details).

Glossary, Abbreviations and Links

  • Institutions often have two semesters per year which usually last between 15 and 18 weeks.
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