Various forms of T/CM especially the ones founded in India are recognized by the Government of India. Two councils – Central Council of Indian Medicine and The Central Council of Homoeopathy were established as follow up to the recognition. Both councils are basically responsible for the standardization of training, advising the Government regarding medical qualifications, maintenance of the central register, and development of a code of ethics (1).

The Government willingly provides some assistance financially to the private undergraduate education sector in terms of infrastructure, teacher-training facilities, and postgraduate developments. A re-orientation and training program for teachers, physicians and paramedics is also being implemented and the development of nursing and pharmacy education is in progress (2).

In terms of standardization of training, both councils (Central Council of Indian Medicine and The Central Council of Homoeopathy) work hand-in-hand with the Government of India. They also have the power to determine whether institutions are equipped or not in terms of T/CM education, which means any university or college in India offering T/CM courses must acquire their accreditation (1). However in Yoga and Naturopathy, the option of having an independent regulatory body is still under examination as a standardized degree course has been implemented. An accreditation system for diploma and degrees is still being perfected, pending the establishment of a statutory regulatory body (2).

Organizations involved in this country’s accreditation of courses currently in our database:


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