There are currently no formal accredited courses in T/CM offered by any institution of higher learning in Malaysia. Plans are however underway by the National Accreditation Board on Higher Education under the Ministry of Higher Education to set standards and criteria for the offering of such courses. A draft Standard and Criteria document produced by the National Accreditation Board in collaboration with the Ministry of Health has been produced in June 2007. It recommended practices that are in line with internationally recognized good practices. This draft document is aimed at helping Malaysian Higher Education Providers attain at least the minimum standards and to stimulate them to continuously improve their T/CM programs in support of the national aspiration of making Malaysia the regional center for education excellence. The draft document contains details on Aims and Objectives, Learning Outcomes, Program design, Student Entry Requirements, Method of Student Assessment, Staff Requirement and Qualification, Educational Resources and Continuous Improvement Process for universities aspiring to offer courses in T/CM both at the Diploma and Degree levels.

Accreditation of T/CM courses in Malaysia will be under the auspices of the National Accreditation Board in conjunction with the soon to be formed Malaysian Council for T/CM.

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