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Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
4005 Manchaca Rd. Austin, 
TX United States

Phone: +1 512 4448082  
Toll free: +1 800 2525088
Fax: +1 512 4446345  
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Training Therapy

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Level Of Training


Qualification Awarded

Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Duration Of Training

Three years and 4 months

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of minimum of 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours) of college credit at an accredited institution recognized by the US Department of Education
  • Cumulative GPA of over 2.0
  • International applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency and financial resources.

*Requirements for international students not specified.

Enrollment Time

January, May and September

Learning Outcome

The objective is to produce graduates with greater knowledge, skills, and insight.

Type Of Attendance

Full Time

Credit Hour

Not available


Equivalent to 10 trimesters


Other than theoretical lessons, students will receive practical lessons by the third semester through Clinic Observation. Students will observe a licensed acupuncturist performing TCM diagnosis and treatments.

Learning Module

First Trimester            

  • Fundamental Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine     
  • Chinese Terminology & Phonetics          
  • Meridian Theory
  • Point Location I 
  • TCM Diagnosis (Methodology/Diagnosis I)
  • Anatomy & Physiology I            

Second Trimester                   

  • Qi Gong I: Ba Duan Jin  
  • Bio-medical Concepts, Terminology and Western Medical History 
  • TCM Herbalogy I           
  • A Point Location II         
  • Anatomy & Physiology II           
  • TCM Diagnosis (Methodology/Diagnosis II)          
  • Special Needle Technique          
  • Five Element Theory & Application         

Third Trimester                       

  • CPR & Other Emergency Techniques     
  • Practice Management and Ethics I         
  • TCM Herbalogy II          
  • A Point Location III        
  • TCM Differentiation of Syndromes (Diagnosis III)  
  • Surface Anatomy          
  • Clinical Patent Herbs     
  • Clinic Observation I       

Fourth Trimester                     

  • Food, Diet & Vitamins   
  • Meridian Acupoint Energetics Application
  • TCM Prescriptionology I 
  • Practical Training in Diagnosis   
  • TCM Herbalogy III          
  • Clinic Observation II       

Fifth Trimester            

  • TCM Prescriptionology II
  • Treatment Modality of Acupuncture I       
  • Scalp & Ear Acupuncture                      
  • Bio-medical Pathophysiology     
  • Clinic Internship I          

Sixth Trimester                       

  • Qi Gong II: Tai Chi Chuan          
  • Treatment Modality of Acupuncture II      
  • TCM Prescriptionology III           
  • Counseling and Communications
  • Case Management and Referral  
  • Clinic Internship II          

Seventh Trimester                  

  • Bio-Medical Diagnosis and Lab Tests     
  • Classics I: Shang Han Lun         
  • Bio-Medical Microbiology           
  • Internal Medicine – Herbalogy     
  • Clinic Internship III         

Eighth Trimester                     

  • Practical Training in Herbal Formulation  
  • Licensure Examination Preparation         
  • Bio-Medical Pharmacology        
  • TCM Gynecology          
  • Bio-Medical Toxicology  
  • Clinic Internship IV        

Ninth Trimester                       

  • Practice Management & Ethics II
  • Classics II: Golden Chamber     
  • Biomedicine Review    
  • Program Review & Comprehensive Examination
  • Hygiene, Public Health and Referral Modalities
  • Clinic Sciences and Clinic Medicine 
  • Clinic Internship V        

Tenth Trimester                       

  • Tui Na  
  • Qi Gong III: Tai Chi Chuan          
  • Biomedical Statistics    
  • Classics III: Four Streams of Scholars (Jin-Yuan Dynasty)
  • Classics IV: Wen Bing Lun        
  • TCM Sports Medicine    
  • Clinic Internship VI        

Teaching Faculty

Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty

Source Of Accreditation

Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM)

Graduate Pathways

Further studies at doctoral level is possible

Career Opportunities

On completion, graduates can practice as an accredited acupuncturist.

Course Fees

USD42, 000 for the whole course

*Information on international students’ fee not available.

How To Apply

Candidates can fill out the online application form (refer to links) or request for information on whom to correspond in the Admissions Department. Candidates may also contact the administration through the address (refer to contact details).

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