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While it is well documented that the popularity of T/CM is on the rise, there is also concern regarding the standard of care provided by T/CM practitioners. This concern is partly driven by the apparent lack of standardization in the training of T/CM practitioners. While Medical Schools the world over are benchmarked against universally accepted criteria, the same cannot be said of T/CM schools. To begin with, training of T/CM practitioners through classical university educational system is a relatively new phenomenon. There is also the lack of internationally acceptable criteria on the training standards. The diversity of the different T/CM modalities makes standardization in training a more daunting task compared to conventional medical training.

There is also a lack of uniformity when it comes to the question of who is responsible for accreditation of T/CM schools. While conventional medical schools are traditionally under the purview of Medical Councils or relevant regulatory authorities’ the same cannot be said of T/CM training. In some countries accreditation of T/CM training is done by the respective T/CM Councils which usually has legal implications, while in others it is done by associations or societies which may not be legally binding. In some countries, the Ministries of Health are directly involved in the accreditation of TC/M practitioners, while in others they are not involved.

This part of the website is compiled to assist both consumers as well as current and prospective practitioners obtain credible and contemporary information on the various aspects of T/CM training. Information gathered has been vetted for accuracy of contents and credibility of information. There was correspondence with all institutions listed to seek their permission and to ensure accuracy of information.

Priority is given to information on courses which are accredited by relevant associations, regulatory authorities or ministries. The World Health Organization (WHO) at the present time does not have a listing of accredited T/CM courses or T/CM schools. The WHO, however, has released recommendation of Quality assurance of Traditional Medicine Education and has released recommended syllabus on certain aspects of T/CM training.

Besides information on accredited courses, this site also contains important information on the process of course accreditation in countries where these courses are offered. There is also useful information on student visa requirements and some frequently asked questions (FAQ). We trust you will find this site useful and informative.

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