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The effect of procyanidolic oligomers on vascular permeability. A study using quantitative morphology


Robert L, Godeau G, Gavignet-Jeannin C




Pathol Biol


In normal conditions vascular permeability is precisely regulated by mechanisms which involve among others the macromolecules of extracellular matrix of the vascular wall. Permeability for a given substance will vary according to the anatomical localisation of the vessel determining also its structure and composition. In some pathological conditions, such as inflammation or diabetes, permeability can be abnormally increased. Increased permeability can be reproduced by i.v. collagenase injection. This permeability increase can be quantified by image analysis using appropriate tracers such as FITC-dextrans or horse-radish peroxidase, on histological sections from control and collagenase treated rats, pretreated or not with procyanidolic oligomers (PCO). We studied cerebral capillaries, aorta and cardiac muscle capillaries. It could be shown that previous treatment of animals with procyanidolic oligomers prevented the permeability increase produced by collagenase injection.

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