Euphorbia synadenium Ridley

Euphorbia synadenium Ridley




E. ridleyi Croizat.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Pokok susu hutan, sesudu bukit, sesudu hutan (Peninsular).
Thailand Rak luukmaa (Peninsular).

Geographical Distributions

Euphobia synadenium is distributed in peninsular Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia; possibly also in India (Bengal).


E. synadeniumis a slightly succulent, unarmed shrub which is up to measure 1.5 m tall while its stem is unbranched.

The leaves are arranged alternate, oblanceolate-spoon-shaped, up to measure 20 cm long, blunt to subacute apex and with measure about 1.5 cm long petiole.

The purple-pink inflorescence is composed of axillary, solitary, unisexual cyathia and ovate bracts. The male cyathia is with 10 laciniate and pink glands while the female cyathia is with green glands.

Ecology / Cultivation

E. synadenium is found locally in rocky, evergreen forest, up to 330 m altitude.

Line Drawing / Photograph



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