Durio lowianus Scort. ex King

Durio lowianus Scort. ex King




D. wrayi King, D. zibethinus Murray var. roseiflorus Corner.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Durian daun, durian sepeh, durian au (Peninsular).
Thailand Thurian-don (Peninsular).

Geographical Distributions

The distribution of Durio lowianus is in peninsular Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra.



D. lowianus is a medium-sized to large tree that can reach up to measure 50 m tall, with its bole up to measure 90 cm in diamere which is having steep and short buttresses. The bark surface is minutely reticulately fissured, flaking into irregular scales and purplish-brown in colour.

The leaves are oblong or ovate-oblong in shape, with a size of measuring 8-18 cm x 3-7 cm and densely to sparsely scaly below.

The flowers are in many-flowered axillary cymes. The bright red petals are up to measure 30 mm long. The stamens are in 5 bundles and opened by a slit.

The fruit is spherical, ovoid or ellipsoid in shape and up to measure 25 cm long where the outside is green or yellowish in colour with slender spines.


Ecology / Cultivation

It occurs in rain forest up to 150 m altitude.


Line Drawing / Photograph



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