Malaysia: Sarawak Forest Ordinance (1958)

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The Forest Ordinance (Cap 126) was established in year 1958 by the Sarawak Forestry and is only applies in the state of Sarawak. This Ordinance provides regulations and guidelines in the management of the forest of Sarawak and controls for the harvesting of forest resources in both Permanent Forest Estate and Stateland Forests.  Permanent Forests Estate gazetted under the Ordinance is under the control of the Director of Forests.  The establishment of Permanent Forests Estate under the Ordinance plays an important role in protecting the environment and the forest resources, the plants and animals in the State especially their habitat. Rights and privilege to enter any forest reserve without any permission are limited, unless by the authorization of the Director of Forests. Under the Forest Ordinance, timber harvesting or logging activities are allowed in the Permanent and Stateland forests under licenses issued by the Department with the approval of the Minister in charge of Nature Resources, Planning and Management.  The licenses issued vary from a short term to long term (normally 25 years) and they are given with strict conditions imposed on procedures and management requirements. For example, there is a limitation for certain girth of trees to be harvested to enable younger trees to grow further into matured stand. Proper and efficient management of the forest resources are required for forest conservation. Sarawak adheres to sustainable forest management concept, with a view that not only to   protect the environment but also all living and non-living resources in the forests as well.  It is a total biodiversity conservation for everyone (1). Few amendments of the Forest Ordinance, 1958 (Chapter 126) have been made though the years and the latest include the Forest (Amendment) Ordinance, 2001 and Forest (Amendment) Ordinance, 2003 (2).

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  2. Laws of Sarawak. Forest (amendment) ordinance, 2003, chapter A104. Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad. 2003.