Malaysia: Sarawak Natural Parks and Nature Reserves Ordinance (1998)

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The Sarawak Forestry which consists of the Sarawak Forest Department and the Sarawak Forestry Corporation have implemented the Natural Parks and Nature Ordinance [Cap 27 (1998 Ed.)]. This Ordinance is only implemented in the state of Sarawak. It is an Ordinance for the constitution and management of National Parks and Nature Reserves and all matters incidental thereto (1). National Parks and the Nature Reserve system are established under this Ordinance and are part of the Totally Protected Areas (TPAs) network in Sarawak (2). On 10th November 1998, the Ordinance passed by the Dewan Undangan Negeri and later published in Gazette on 26th November 1998. The National Parks and Nature Reserves are constituted over area of land including land within a forest reserve or a Wild Life Sanctuary and land within a historical site or a historical monument, inland water area or area within the territorial waters of the State (1). National Parks are open to public for recreational but at the same time, the wild life, their habitat and the specific natural features are conserved and protected. National Reserves operated as similar as National Parks except that they are smaller in size by less than 1,000 hectare (3). However for Wildlife Sanctuaries they are only exist with the purpose to conserve and preserve endangered wildlife and the ecosystem and are not open to public.

About 1 million hectares of the State’s forests has been designated for the Total Protected Area’s (TPA’s) system. Presently there are 36 TPA’s in the State namely, 26 National Parks with total of 380,444 hectare (3), 6 Nature Reserves with total of 1,164.296 hectare (4) and 4 Wildlife Sanctuaries with total of 192,235.4 hectare (5). These TPAs have a total area of more than 5% of total State area and the target is to have not less than 10% in addition to the existing 60% under natural forests. With these, Sarawak will become as one of the most important conservation area. It will also further strengthen its role in biodiversity conservation and reduction of green house gases, thus helping the world wide effort in reducing the effect of global warming.

Penalties will be imposed to a person, who enter the National Park, Nature Reserves and Wildlife centres without permission from Controller, disturb or destroy any plant or animal, be in possession of any weapon or any contrivance for the purpose of destroying any animals, introduce any plant or animal, or deposit trash or offensive matter in National Park or Nature Reserve. The minimum fine for those offences is RM1,000 and six months imprisonment. The Controller or park officer may compound any offence a sum of money not exceeding one half of the maximum fine prescribed for the offence. The park officer or police officers without any warrant may arrest any person suspected committed an offence and shall send the person to police station if he refused to compound the alleged offence. Upon payment of such sum of money, the person shall be discharged (2).

On the 26th August 2010, the Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri has made an amendment on regulations called The National Parks and Nature Reserves (Amendment) Regulations, 2010. Regulations which focused on the changes in fees are mentioned in the amendments of Regulation 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, Second Schedule and Third Schedule in the National Parks and Nature Reserves Ordinance, 1998 (Chapter 27). New rates for entrance fees, park guiding fees and other charges for all National Parks and Nature Reserves has been consented effective from 1st of May 2012 (6).

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