In United States of America (USA), the Office of Alternative Medicine was established by Congress in the early 1990s and is responsible for research and training support among others. Most allopathic medical schools in the USA offer Traditional/Complementary Medicine (T/CM) courses. The USA is the leading nation in terms of education in one of the T/CM modules which is chiropractic by having the largest number of colleges (1).

The U.S. Department of Education does not accredit educational institutions; they are done by accrediting agencies (2). T/CM accrediting organizations are national and nongovernmental (3).

The U.S. Department of Education does provide a database of recognized postsecondary institutions and programs accredited by accrediting agencies or state approval agencies. However, the database does not include a number of postsecondary educational institutions and programs that elect not to seek accreditation but nevertheless may provide a quality postsecondary education. The US Department of Education recommends that the database be used as one source of qualitative information and that additional sources of qualitative information be consulted(2).

Organizations involved for this country’s accreditation of courses currently in our database:


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