Indole Alkaloids From Kopsia Terengganensis






Kopsia terengganensis, indole alkaloids, cytotoxicity tests


A study on the alkaloid content of Kopsia terengganensis was done. The bark and leaves were extracted with solvent and isolation of the alkaloids were achieved by chromatography techniques. Alkaloids elucidation were performed via spectral methods, namely NMR, MS, IR and UV. From the bark of this plant, seven indole alkaloids were isolated. They were quebrachamine, ebumamine, isoeburnamine, ebumaminol, larutensine and two new dihydroebumane alkaloids named terengganensine A and B. The former have an aspidospermane skeleton, while the rest are eburnane alkaloids. Eight indole alkaloids, which were rhazhidigenine (aspidospermane), ebumamine, ebumaminol, larutensine, terengganensine A and B, ebumamonine and ebumamenine were found from the leaves section. The two latter alkaloids also bears an eburnane skeleton. In addition, cytotoxicity tests were done on the crude extracts (pet. ether, dichloromethane and methanol) of the plant on KB cells. However, no significant toxicity were found of the crude extracts.