Malay Traditional Medicine for Healthy Aging


Sairani Mohd SaÂ’ad


Traditional & Complementary Medicine Exhibition 2007 (TCME 2007), Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.




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The human body is programmed to live 120 great years. Many of us though fall short of the mark. Now, the average life span of a man is just 70 and that of a woman is only 75 years. Naturally, it would be pointless to add an extra decade or two of your life just dozing in front of the television or in a nursing home, confined to a wheelchair with frequent visits to the hospital. Neither would it be meaningful if it is plaqued with illness, aches, weariness and overall deterioration. Living longer must go hand in hand with staving off diseases, staying mentally sharp and simply having the energy to be enthusiastic about getting up in the morning. How you live today has a big impact on how fit and well you will be tomorrow.  Giving you body the best chance of fighting off ageing means simply removing as many damaging elements as possible and boosting the things that research shows us protect our bodies. We now know that our diet, activity levels and emotional health all have direct effect on the ageing process. Looking at it from the Malay Healing’s perspective : 1. Diet, One of the many aspects of Malay Healing is its standpoint on internal cleansing. Long before the Westerners  brought the word “Detox” into our lives, the Malays have been detoxing themselves everyday. Akar Kayu cuci darah, Darah bersih, darah jadi kuat. Bila darah kuat, Penyakit payah nak lekat, Taking herbal drinks or “Akar Kayu” and herbal concoctions such as “Makjun and Julap” helps you to digest and absorb food efficiently, helps your liver process and eliminate toxins, reduces fat in the body, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels as well as reduce the harmful effects of free radical damage and help boost your immune system. Some of the Malay herbs commonly used : Pegaga, Cekur, Kunyit, Misai Kucing, Sireh, Ekor Kucing, Halia, Tongkat Ali & Kacip Fatimah. Others : Ulam, Fasting. 2. Activity – Exercise, e.g. Malay Traditional Exercise, Silat, Praying.-Treatments, e.g. Massage, Body Scrubs, Feminine & Gentlemen treatment and its link to the Anti-Aging process – Sleep, -Sex. 3. Emotional health, -Praying, -Purpose in life, -Relationship