The Concept of Traditional Malay Medicine Practice


Subagus Wahyuono


Traditional & Complementary Medicine Exhibition 2007 (TCME 2007)




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Today Malay people are still practicing traditional medicine. This medicine is used according to their ancestors experiences, they are commonly intended to cure their illnesses, to prevent from sicknesses and to make a beautiful appearance. The material selection used for practice was determined by several aspects, one of them was the shape, color of materials. The heart shape indicated that the material could be used to cure heart diseases, red color material was used to increase the red blood cells. The animals behaviors after consuming the materials are often used as signs of pharmacological activities. Those have been recorded beautifully, each ethnic group has their own experiences. Amazingly, there have been some materials and their pharmacological similarities showed by those reports. It means that this material indirectly has showed successful clinical trials. The traditional medicine is still practiced by traditional healers. The healers sometimes produces the traditional medicine for their own. The Government differentiates between traditional and modern medicines. Raw materials, extracts are categorized as traditional medicine while single or pure compounds although it is an isolated compound is categorized as modern medicine. In addition, traditional medicine must not contain clinically used medicines. In order traditional medicines involved in the hospital or physician prescription, the medicines have to be successful on several tests such as safety and efficacy. There are plenty of traditional medicines still around, and they are need to be brought up for further tests in order to have sufficient data for formal medication.