Bioprospecting of Persian Gulf Bio-Resources for Development of Marine Biotechnology in IRAN.


Nasrin Moazami


Traditional & Complementary Medicine Exhibition 2007 (TCME 2007),Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




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In the past 100 years, organic chemistry largely replaced Bioprospecting, and the advents of combinatorial chemistry and in vitro assays have increased through put to the point that the pharmaceutical industry now pumps out dozens of new products each year. But most of these “new” drugs are based on small chemical changes to existing drugs; and of the thousands, perhaps millions, of chemical “shapes” available to pharmaceutical researchers, only a few hundred are being explored. If we look at the fundamental "Phyla of Life” there are 34; and 17 occurring on land, whereas 32 occur in the sea. From the fundamental point of view of biodiversity, the Ocean is far more diverse and really would have been the best place to start to develop a "Natural pharmacy”. Marine ecosystem, contain a wide diversity of unexplored organisms adapted to extreme living conditions. Hence the marine environment is a yet untapped and unexploited resource of novel biochemical principles, structures and molecules with potential benefits in many different areas of life, including medicine, food, research and industry. Marine organisms have develop cold adapted biochemistry and potent anti microbial defense systems. Biodiversity generates benefits in different ways. They range from intellectual and economic to cultural uses. For centuries, biodiversity through Bioprospecting has been the source of fuels, medicines, construction material, food and energy. Today modern “Biodiversity Prospecting” or Bioprospecting, integrates the systematic search for, and development of, new sources of chemical compounds, genes, micro and macro-organisms and other economically valuable natural products. The global market for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and seeds is over $US250 billion annually, and genetic resources provide the raw material for a significant portion of this market. Gene technology promises an even brighter future for biodiversity prospecting. New pharmaceutically active peptides and proteins are already on the market or undergoing preclinical and clinical trials. The goals of this study was to maximize whose identification of Persian Gulf Biodiversity which generate information, and to reinvest part of the knowledge and biological resource for development of Marine Biotechnology development and management in Iran.