Correlation Between Effect Of Gypenosides On Splenic Lymphocyte Proliferation and DNA Polymerase α Activity Of Splenocyte In Mice In Vitro


Liao D.F., Lu N., Lei L.S.*, Yu L. and Chen J.X., Department of Pharmacology, Hengyang Medical College, Hengyang 421001, Hunan and *Department of Pharmacology, Beijing Medical University, Beijing 100083, P.R. China.


Trends in Traditional Medicine Research Proceedings of the International Conference on the Use of Traditional Medicine & Other Natural Products in Health Care




gypenosides, DNA polymerase a, lymphocyte proliferation, mixed lymphocyte culture.


The effects of gypenosides (GPS) on lymphocyte proliferation and the activity of DNA polymerase α were investigated in splenic cells of mice. It was found that GPS (2.5-20 µg/me) significantly enhanced splenic T and B lymphocyte proliferation induced by Con A and LPS respectively; in mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC), GPS 2.5-20 µg/me also markedly increased the DNA synthesis and potentiated the activity of DNA polymerase α in spleen cells stimulated by alloantigens. These results suggest that the mechanism of immunodulating effects of GPS may be mediated by DNA polymerase α .