Study Of The Physical Properties Of Modified Tapioca Starch And Admixture


Eseldin l.Keleb. Saringat Hj. Baie, Ch'ng Hung Seng, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia Minden, 11800 Penang, Malaysia


Trends in Traditional Medicine Research, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Use of Traditional Medicine & Other Natural Products in Health Care




tapioca starch, paracetamol admixture, flow properties, disintegrating agent.


The aim of this study is to determine the physical properties of the modified starch prepared by cross linking and substitution of some functional groups on the tapioca starch. Hence it is suitable to be used as disintegrating agent in pharmaceutical dosage forms. Tire modified starch was prepared and spray dried. Studies were conducted on the particle size, flow properties, bulk density, moisture content, and tensile strength of pure powder and its mixture with paracetamol. The results indicated that the modified starch has better flow property with 37 degrees of angle of repose compared with 43.6 degrees for unmodified tapioca starch. The tensile strengths of modified and unmodified starches were found to be 348 Nm-2 (with Pf=0.280) and 344 Nm-2 (with Pf=0.488) respectively. When combined with paracetamol powder (B.P.), the modified starch increases the tensile strength of the mixture but in the unmodified starch shows a reduction in the tensile strength. The above results showed that the modified starch possessed some of the desirable properties of a good excipient in tablet formulation.