Supplementing Therapy With Antioxidant Product In Breast Cancer Treatment


Tran Van Hien, Nguyen Boi Huong, National Hospital of Traditional Medicine, 29 Nguyen binh Khiem Street, Hanoi, Vietnam


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




randomized placebo clinical trial, Vitexina, Vigna radiata (L.), antioxidant activities, immunological response


Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy with Coblt-60 are at risk of impaired immune response due to the immune-responsible cells are sensitive to high-energy radiation. The present study is a randomized placebo clinical trial for investigating the effects of Vitexina, derived from a plant, Vigna radiata (L.), possessing antioxidant activities, in recovering in amounts and functions of T-lymphocytes. Treatment with Vitexina for 2 months produced a significant recovery of immune response with an increase of total leukocyte, lymphocyte counts, T-CD4, T-CD8, and in lymphocyte blast-transformation. The findings suggested that the application of Vitexina is beneficial for breast cancer patients at least in aspect of recovering the immunological response.