Medium Chain Fats Prevent Heart Disease And Do Not Fatten


Conrado S Dayrit, 6 Wilson Street, Greenhill West, San Juan, Metro Manila 1502, Philippines


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




coconut oil, heart disease, essential fatty acid, medium chain fats , anti-obesity


Just because coconut oil is 92 percent saturated, notwithstanding the medium-chain character of 2/3 of its fatty acids, and despite the total absence of epidemiologic and clinical evidence of any relation to heart disease morbidity or  mortality, coconut oil has been declared by the world of medicine to be a risk factor of heart disease and atherosclerosis. It and other saturated fats have been declared as bad, while the polyunsaturated and linoleates, as the good fats. This paper will show how wrong this claim is and that the truth is the exact opposite. First, the animal studies cited as evidence for atherogenecity were mostly all done using hydrogenated coconut oil that must contain toxic transfatty acids aside from causing EFA (essential fatty acid) deficiency. Second, the vast difference in absorption, distribution and metabolism of medium chain fats can clearly explain why coconut oil is energizing and anti-obesity. Third, all epidemiologic data indicate that the populations who consume the most coconut oil have low cholesterol levels and have little heart disease. The Food Guide Pyramid of the US is wreaking havoc on their health. Up till 2OO3, the commercially available CO was copra oil; virgin coconut oil,VCO, was only home-made. Since last year, 2004, VCO became commercially available and its use zoomed among Filipinos with various ailments, spread by word=of-mouth testimonials. This will be discussed in another paper.