Labisia pumila (Kacip Fatimah) - A Plant's Profile


Mashitah Mohd. Yusoff, Faculty of Chemical Engineering & Natural Resources, University College of Engineering & Technology Malaysia (KUKTEM), 25000 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




Kacip Fatimah , Labisia pumila , Labisia pothoina, Myrsinaceae, plant profile


Kacip Fatimah or Labisia pumila syn. Labisia pothoina (Myrsinaceae) is a small herbaceous plant that is commonly found in shady areas of the jungles of Malaysia at elevations of 80 to 100m or more. Its distribution range covers most of the South-East Asia region. In the botanical context, there are three known varieties of the plant in Malaysia, namely, pumila, alata and lanceolata. Besides its more commonly known name of Kacip Fatimah, it is also referred to locally as Selusoh Fatimah, Rumput Siti Fatimah, Akar Fatimah, Tadah Matahari, Bunga Belangkas Hutan and Pokok Pinggang. Traditionally, water decoctions of the plant, singly or with mixtures of other plants, are drunk to induce labour and for strength during confinement. The plant is very popular and there are a variety of products in the Malaysian market which utilize kacip Fatimah at present.