Case-Series:Study The Effect Of Classical Homeopathy On Amenorrhoea In Polycystic Ovarian Disease.


Medha Durge, Purnima Patil, Bina Limaye, Institute Of Clinical Research Mumbai, 76/702 Ashwattha Vasant Vihar Pokhran Rd 2 400602 India


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




homeopathy, menstruation, alternative therapies, polycystic ovarian disease, amenorrhoea, case-studies


This study deals with the effect of classical homeopathy on menstruation in patients with polycystic ovarian disease. Numerous studies have documented that health-care consumers all over the world are spending money out of pocket for alternative therapies .(Beal MW- Yale University) In India with its over 100 colleges, a degree course in place and post-graduate course homeopathy has been used for an array of illnesses including irregularities of menstruation though there is a paucity of documentation. We sought to study the effect of classical homeopathic treatment  in restoring menstruation in patients with polycystic ovarian disease with primary complaint of amenorrhoea. Case-report study was thought to be best suited to the challenges of classical homeopathy (Informed Choices in Use of alternative health care-An invitational round table, Vancouver). Patients with amenorrhoea (and no hormonal intake in last 3 months) were selected for the study. Thirty patients were interviewed for more than eighty minutes each to record the details required for homeopathic history. Questions were asked to enable the evaluation of patients at level of mind, body and emotions. Their constitutional (individualized) medicines and miasmatic remedies were ascertained along with possible changes that may be required to be made. They were administered the medicines and called for follow up once in two weeks. Physicians were allowed to make the changes in medication. All follow-up records were strictly maintained. It was found that menstrual cycle was restored in 18 cases within 6 months. These patients conceived smoothly and delivered. Among the patients whose menstrual cycle did not respond surprisingly one patient conceived and delivered too! This series of cases encourage us to use homeopathy for polycystic ovarian disease for menstruation and also other complications that are associated with it. Case-studies work better than clinical trials until the intricacies of classical homeopathy is fully understood for research purposes.