Elephantopus scaber

Elephantopus scaber





Vernacular Names

Malaysia Tutup bumi, tapak leman (Peninsular), pepalut (Sabah).
English Prickly-leaved elephant’s foot
Indonesia Tapak liman, tutup bumi (General), talpak tana (Madurese).
Philippines Dila-dila, tabatabakohan (Tagalog), kabkabron (Iloko).
Thailand Do mairuu lom (central), kee fai nok khuun (Loei), naat me khlaen (Surat Thani).
Vietnam C[us]c chi thi[ee]n, c[or] l[uw] [owx]i m[ef]o, dia d[ar]m th[ar]o.

Geographical Distributions

It is widespread in tropical America, Africa, Asia and Australia; throughout South-East Asia.


It is an erect herb up to 80 cm tall with rigid stems lying flat, longhaired or rough to touch.

The leaves are in a radical rosette, if the stem is much smaller. The leaves are oblong-reverse egg-shaped to spoon-like with size 5-38 cm x 1-6 cm. It has condensed head of almost sessile flowers in terminal and generally long-stalk. The condensed head of sessile flower bracts are generally longer than the ring of bracts.

The flower petals are 7-9 mm long, bluish or purplish but sometimes white.

The fruit is about 4 mm long with various tufts of equal hairs on fruits bristles 4-6 mm long.

Ecology / Cultivation

E. scaber occurs in grasslands, wasteland, roadsides, along fields and in forest borders, up to 1500 m altitude.

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