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Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr.

Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr.




Gynura sarmentosa (Blume) DC.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Daun dewa, dewa raja, akar sebiak, kelemai merah, kacham akar.
Indonesia Sambung mjawa, daun dewa, kalingsir (Sundanese).
Cambodia Chi angkam.
Thailand Pra-kham dee khwaai, ma kham dee khwaai (Pattani), mu maeng sang(Chumphon).
Vietnam B[aaf]u d[aas]t, rau l[us]i, d[aa]y chua l[ef].

Geographical Distributions

G. procumbens can be found in Western and central Africa, and from southern China throughout continental South-East Asia and Malaysia eastward to Papua New Guinea; also widely cultivated.


G. procumbens is a scrambling or weakly climbing, perennial herb with stems up to 6 m long, leafy, smooth or sparsely pubescent.

The leaves are almost egg-shaped and slightly different shape between each leaf. The size is 3 cm-10 cm x 0.5 cm-3 cm. The lower surface is more or less purple. The leaf is located at the base of stalk at the stem. It has long stalk or no stalk and sometimes with a small lobe.

The flower is arising from the axils and has 20 head of terminal flat-topped indeterminate inflorescence that is long cylindrical or like-tube shape. The flower stalk is up to 6 cm long with 8 to 13 rings of flower stalk inside which are 8 to 17 mm long and smooth. The yellow to red petal is 10 to 16 mm long.

The fruit is 5-6 mm long.

Ecology / Cultivation

G. procumbens occurs in a wide range of habitats, but prefers moist forest, up to 2800 m altitude.

Line Drawing / Photograph


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