Mucuna biplicata Teijsm. & Binnend. ex Kurz

Mucuna biplicata Teijsm. & Binnend. ex Kurz





Vernacular Names

Malaysia merading (Bidayuh, Sarawak), akar beruru (Iban, Sarawak), kachang paleh (Peninsular Malaysia)

Geographical Distributions

This plant can be found in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.


This is a liana that up to 20 m long and smooth. Leaves are 20-25(-40) cm long with leaflet terminal is broadly elliptical, 10-12(-18) cm x 5-7(-11) cm. The inflorescence is 5-9 cm long, with several branches at or near the base and bearing 4-40 side-branches. The sepal is 5-6 mm x 8-10 mm with the violet to purple petal that is about 2.5 cm long. Wings and keel are 4-5 cm long. The fruit is broadly oblong with a size of 7-10 cm x 2.5-5 cm x 1-2 cm but not swollen around the seeds, with abundant irritant bristles and 3-5-seeded.

Ecology / Cultivation

M. biplicata is found in relatively open or disturbed forest from sea-level up to 70 m altitude. (1)

Line Drawing / Photograph




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