Dalbergia pinnata (Lour.) Prain

Dalbergia pinnata (Lour.) Prain




Dalbergia tamarindifolia Roxb.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Semelit jangkar, lorotan haji (Peninsular).
Indonesia Areuy ki loma (Sundanese), Dyad sambang (Java), jampak luyak (Lampung).
Philippines Tikos-maiadon (Manobo).
Vietnam Ch[af]m b[if]a [aw]n tr[aa]u (Vinh Phu), tr[aws]c l[as] me.

Geographical Distributions

D. pinnata is distributed throughout India, Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Vietnam, southern China, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, the Philippines and Sulawesi.


D. pinnata is a shrub with climbing branches or a small tree that can reach up to 12 m tall.

The leaves are with (13-)21-35(-61) leaflets. 

Inflorescence is an axillary, sometimes terminal which is up to 6 cm long. The flowers are about 6 mm long and whitish. The sepal teeth are short and subequal. There are 9(-10) stamens.

The 5-6 cm long fruit is linear-oblong.

Ecology / Cultivation

D. pinnata occurs in mixed deciduous forest and in open localities in evergreen forest, up to 1400 m altitude.

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