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Plantago major L.

Plantago major L.





Vernacular Names


Ekor anjing (General).


Great plantain, waybread, nipple grass.


Daun sendok, daun urat (General), ki urat (Sundanese).


Lanting, lantin, lanting haba (Tagalog), llantin (Spanish).


Grand plantain, plantain majeur.

Geographical Distributions

Plantago major is cosmopolitan; in the tropics, it is most common in mountainous regions.


Plantago major is a small perennial herb which can grow up to 30(-70) cm tall, with numerous fibrous and whitish roots.

The leaves are in one or few rosettes, ovate to elliptical, measuring (1.5-)5-30(-40) cm x (0.5-)3-10(-15) cm, entire or irregularly dentate and hairless or nearly so. The spike is 5-20(- 35) cm long and densely to rather laxly flowered. The ovate bracts are 1-2 mm long.

The fruit is 2-4 mm long and (4-)6-34-seeded. The seeds are ellipsoidal or ellipsoidal-trigonous. They are 1-1.5 mm long and dark brown to dull black.

Ecology / Cultivation

Plantago major is a variable species in which several subspecies and varieties have been described. However, the different types are often connected by a series of intermediates. It is common in open grasslands and along roads, particularly on more fertile and compact soils, from sea level (but usually above 700 m) up to 3300 m altitude.

Line Drawing / Photograph


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  1) Western Herb

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1.       Plant Resources of South-East Asia No.12(1): Medicinal and poisonous plants 1.

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