Calcium antagonistic activity of Bacopa monniera on vascular and intestinal smooth muscles of rabbit and guinea-pig.


Dar A, Channa S




J Ethnopharmacol


The present study demonstrates the calcium antagonistic activity in ethanol extract of Bacopa monniera. The plant extract inhibited the spontaneous movements of both guinea-pig ileum (IC50 = 24+/-4 microg/ml) and rabbit jejunum (IC50 = 136+/-9 microg/ml). A marked reduction in acetylcholine- and histamine-induced responses (0.0001- 10 microM) in the ileum was evident in the presence of extract (260 microg/ml). The acetylcholine (1 microM)-induced contraction in the ileum was also inhibited by the extract (100-700 microg/ml) in a concentration dependent way (IC50 = 285+/-56 microg/ml). All these results indicate a direct action of the extract on smooth muscles. Calcium chloride-induced responses in the rabbit blood vessels and jejunum were attenuated in the presence of plant extract (10-700 microg/ml) implying a direct interference of plant extract with influx of calcium ions in the cells. However, the lack of modification of either noradrenaline- or caffeine-induced contractions in the presence of extract suggests that extract has no detectable effect on mobilization of intracellular calcium. These results indicate that spasmolytic effect of the B. monniera extract in smooth muscles is predominantly due to inhibition of calcium influx via both voltage and receptor operated calcium channels of the cell membrane.