Psychosomatic dysfunctions in the female climacteric. Clinical effectiveness and tolerance of Kava Extract WS 1490


Warnecke G




Fortschr Med


Within the framework of a randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind study, two groups each containing 20 patients with climacteric- related symptomatology were treated for a period of 8 weeks with kava WS 1490 extract 3 X 100 mg/day or a placebo preparation. The target variable - the HAMA overall score of anxiety symptomatology - revealed a significant difference in the drug-receiving group vis-a- vis the placebo group already after only 1 week of treatment. The course of such further parameters as depressive mood (DSI), subjective well-being (patient diary), severity of the disease (CGI), and the climacteric symptomatology (Kuppermann Index and Schneider scale) over the overall period of treatment demonstrate a high level of efficacy of kava extract WS 1490 in neurovegetative and psychosomatic dysfunctions in the climacteric, associated with very good tolerance of the preparation.