General pharmacology of Vitex leucoxylon Linn leaves.


Makwana HG, Ravishankar B, Shukla VJ




Indian J Physiol Pharmacol


Ethanol extract (ETE) and cold aqueous infusion (CAI) of Vitex leucoxylon leaf were evaluated in a battery of tests to define the activity profile of the plant. CAI depressed SMA, antagonised d- amphetamine stereotypy and oxotremorine tremors, shortened the duration of mice immobility in behavioural 'despair' test and lowered serum total cholesterol level. ETE showed significant inhibition of carrageenin paw oedema and granulation tissue formation in rats. Suppression of acetic acid writhing was observed with both ETE and CAI. LD50 value of ETE was > 3000 mg kg-1 (ip) and that of CAI 1050 (800-1200) mgkg-1.