A case of wet beriberi


Borghi E, Maurini V, Roventini L




Recenti Prog Med


The AA. report a case of thymine acute deficiency in a 35 year old chronic alcoholic and malnourished male, who was admitted to the hospital because of high-output heart failure, peripheral polyneuropathy, cortico-cerebellar atrophy (associated with RMN), ataxia and peripheral edema. The diagnosis of wet Beri-beri combined with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome was made and appropriate therapy with pulse daily dose of parenteral thymine instituted. At the fifth day of therapy the cardio-circulatory hyperkinetic syndrome was markedly improved and after three weeks neurological damage was also alleviated. The AA. outline the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for this form of high-output heart failure, which has a poor prognosis and, if left untreated, can determine the death of the patient in a few days.