Bromelain in blunt injuries of the locomotor system. A study of observed applications in general practice


Masson M




Fortschr Med


METHOD: In an open case observation study involving patients with blunt injuries to the musculoskeletal system, the efficacy and tolerability of high-dose Bromelain POS, a plant-derived enzyme preparation, were investigated. The investigating physician was an orthopedic surgeon who, in addition to the usual therapeutic measures, treated 59 of his patients with the bromelaine preparation. The duration of the application was determined by the nature and severity of the lesion, and varied between one and three weeks. The test criteria were swelling, pain at rest and during movement, and tenderness. These parameters were evaluated on the day of the injury and on five subsequent dates. RESULTS: Treatment with bromelaine resulted in a clear reduction in all four parameters tested. Both swelling and the symptoms of pain had improved appreciably at all evaluation time points as compared with baseline. The tolerability of the preparation was very good, and patient compliance was correspondingly high.