Bioenergetics in clinical medicine. VI. adjunctive treatment of periodontal disease with coenzyme Q10.


Wilkinson EG, Arnold RM, Folkers K




Res Commun Chem Pathol Pharmacol


Eighteen patients with periodontal disease and measurable pockets were treated on a double-blind basis with coenzyme Q10 and a maching placebo. The treatment was significant (p less than 0.01). Before decoding, all 8 patients receiving coenzyme Q10 and 7/10 patients receiving placebo were correctly assigned. Of the remaining 3 placebo patients, the status of one was borderline and could have been assigned to either group, and two improved due to better hygiene. Crevicular fluid flow as a measure of inflammation was newly monitored. Pocket-depth, periodontal health, calculus and plaque scores provided the most valuable data for evaluation.