Continuous and massive intake of chitosan affects mineral and fat-soluble vitamin status in rats fed on a high-fat diet.


Deuchi K, Kanauchi O, Shizukuishi M, Kobayashi E.




Biosci Biotechnol Biochem


We investigated the effects of continuous and massive intake of chitosan with sodium ascorbate (AsN) on the mineral and the fat-soluble vitamin status in male Sprague-Dawley rats fed on a high-fat diet. The apparent fat digestibility in the chitosan-receiving group was significantly lower than that in the cellulose- or glucosamine-receiving group. Chitosan feeding for 2 weeks caused a decrease in mineral absorption and bone mineral content, and it was necessary to administer twice the amount of Ca in the AIN-76 formula, which was supplemented with AsN, to prevent such a decrease in the bone mineral content. Moreover, the ingestion of chitosan along with AsN led to a marked and rapid decrease in the serum vitamin E level, while such a loss in vitamin E was not observed for rats given glucosamine monomer instead of chitosan.