Effect of Gomisin A (TJN-101) on liver regeneration.


Kubo S, Ohkura Y, Mizoguchi Y




Planta Med


We studied the effect of TJN-101, a lignan component of Schisandra fruits (Schisandrae fructus), on liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy. TJN-101 was given orally to male Wistar rats 30 min before partial hepatectomy. The mitotic index and the level of DNA synthesis increased after partial hepatectomy and their increase was significantly enhanced by TJN-101. Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity increased in the early stages of liver regeneration and it was also significantly enhanced by TJN-101. Besides, TJN-101 enhanced the increase in hepatic putrescine. These results suggest that TJN- 101 stimulates liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy by enhancing ODC activity, which is an important biochemical event in the early stages of liver regeneration.