Evaluation of hemostatic agents in experimental splenic lacerations.


Coln D, Horton J, Ogden ME, Buja LM




Am J Surg


Avitene, Collastat, Gelfoam, and Surgicel were evaluated for their effectiveness in the control of hemorrhage from an experimental splenic laceration. Effectiveness was determined by measuring the amount of blood loss per kilogram of body weight until complete hemostasis was achieved and by determining mortality from hemorrhage. The study group in which Collastat, a collagen hemostatic sponge, was used had the smallest amount of blood loss. This group was also the only one with no deaths from breakthrough bleeding. The degrees of reaction in the spleens of the surviving animals 3 weeks after treatment were not significantly different when each of the various agents were compared. We believe that Collastat is the preferred topical hemostatic agent.