Biotin supplementation improves glucose and insulin tolerances in genetically diabetic KK mice.


Reddi A, DeAngelis B, Frank O, Lasker N, Baker H




Life Sci


Because biotin treatment may lower blood glucose in insulin-dependent diabetes, we chose to study such an effect in non-insulin dependent diabetes. Twenty-six diabetic KK mice, moderately hyperglycemic and insulin resistant, were treated for 10 weeks: 9 animals with 2 mg of biotin/Kg, 8 with 4 mg of biotin/Kg, and 9 with saline (controls). Blood glucose levels, oral glucose tolerance, insulin response to oral glucose, and blood glucose decrease in response to insulin were quantitated. Compared to controls, biotin treatment lowered post-prandial glucose levels, and improved tolerance to glucose and insulin resistance. Serum immunoreactive insulin levels in biotin-treated mice were like the controls.