[Crataegus Special Extract WS 1442. Assessment of objective effectiveness in patients with heart failure (NYHA II)].


Weikl A, Assmus KD, Neukum-Schmidt A, Schmitz J, Zapfe G, Noh HS, Siegrist J.




Fortschr Med


METHOD: In a multicenter, placebo-controlled double-blind study, the efficacy of the Crataegus-Specialextrakt WS 1442 in patients with NYHA stage II cardiac insufficiency was investigated. A total of 136 patients with this diagnosis were admitted to the study and, following a 2-week run-in phase, treated with Crataegus-Specialextract or placebo over a period of 8 weeks. The primary target parameter was the change in the difference of the pressure, heart rate product (systolic blood pressure x heart rate/100) (PHRP 50 W load vs. rest) measured at the beginning and end of treatment. RESULTS: On the basis of this variable, a clear improvement in the performance of the heart was shown in the group receiving the test substance, while the condition of the placebo group progressively worsened. The therapeutic difference between the groups was statistically significant. The positive result for the objective efficacy parameter was confirmed by a statistically obvious superiority of Crataegus in the patient's own assessment of improvement in the main symptoms (reduced performance, shortness of breath, ankle edema etc.). In addition, active treatment led, in comparison with placebo, to a considerably better quality of life for the patient, in particular with respect to mental well-being. The tolerability of the active substance proved to be very good-as shown by comprehensive laboratory investigations and the recording of undesirable events. CONCLUSION: All in all, the results of the present clinical investigation confirm those of previous studies showing that Crataegus-Specialextrakt WS 1442 is an effective and low-risk phytotherapeutic form of treatment in patients with NYHA II cardiac insufficiency.