Accelerated post-glucose glycaemia and altered alliesthesia-test in Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Krauchi K, Keller U, Leonhardt G




J Affect Disord


BACKGROUND: Little is known about the link between mood, food and metabolic function in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). METHODS: We investigated this link in a combined glucose tolerance-alliesthesia test in eight SAD patients in winter before and after one week light therapy, and in summer. RESULTS: SAD patients exhibited faster post-glucose glycaemic and insulin responses (p <0.05), and increased hedonic ratings of high concentrated sucrose solutions (p <0.035) when depressed in winter than when euthymic (one week after light treatment or in summer). CONCLUSIONS: The rapid glycaemic and insulin responses to an oral glucose load may be a result of accelerated gastric emptying. LIMITATIONS: The number of studied patients was rather small and no control group was studied in parallel. CLINICAL RELEVANCE: the more rapid post-glucose glycaemia may impair glucose homeostasis in depressed SAD patients.