How Vitamin B6 interacts with Antibiotics

Interaction type: Depletions

Interaction rating: Study Supported

Studies have reported that the use of antibiotics is known to decrease the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, which may decrease the amount of the B-vitamins that are normally made. Supplementation with the affected nutrient may be necessary. (1) (2)

These drugs include Aminoglycosides, Cephalosporins, Fluoroquinolones, Quinolones, Macrolides, Penicillins, Sulfonamides, Tetracyclines, Trimethoprin-containing antibiotics, Carbapenems, Monobactams, chloramphenicol, spectinomycin, Streptogramins, vancomycin, Oxalodinones, Lincosamides, Nitrofurans


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