Gu Sui Bu

Drynariae Rhizoma, Drynaria


10-20g of decoction.

Chemical Composition

Naringin; Hop-21-ene; Fern-9(11)ene; Fern-7-ene; Filic-3-ene; b-sitosterol; Stigmasterol; Campesterol; Cycloardenyl acetate; Cyclomargenyl acetate; Cyclolaudenyl acetate; Diplopterol; Cyclolaudenol; Cyclomargenol; Cycloaudenone; N-dotriacontanic acid; 25-en-cycloartenol; 25-en-cycloartenone; 5-stigmasten-3-ol; 5-stigmasten-3-one; Neohop-13(18)-ene; 9, 10-cyclolanost-25-en-3b-yl acetate. (1) , (2)


Practice caution when administering to patients with internal heat due to yin deficiency and without blood stasis. Also, overdosing of the herb may cause poisoning. (3)


Effects on immune reaction

Experiments show that Gu Sui Bu extract not only inhibits mice's immune reaction to type-II collagen, but it also regulates that reaction. (4)

Effects on cholesterol

Administering by intramuscular injection 100% Gu Sui Bu solution to rabbits of high cholesterol can prevent the rise in their serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels; the same treatment can also prevent arteriosclerotic plaque forming in the aorta. (5)

Repairing damages to cochlea hair cells

Gu Sui Bu can counteract and inhibit streptomycin-caused damages to cochlea hair cells-ABR test shows that the treatment group has a lower threshold than the streptomycin group; Preyer's reflex also shows a difference between the groups. (6)

Effects on bone metabolism

Experiments studying the effects of Gu Sui Bu on in-vitro cultivation of rabbit articular chondrocytes show that Gu Sui Bu in various concentrations inhibits DNA and collagen synthesis in the chondrocytes, and Gu Sui Bu in 1% and 5% concentrations promotes proteoglycan synthesis. (7) Furthermore, experiments studying the effects of Gu Sui Bu on osteoporosis of female hamsters with ovaries removed show that Gu Sui Bu significantly increases the volume percentage of bone trabecula in total bone tissue (p


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