Cytotoxic Activity of Pereskia bleo (Cactaceae) Against Selected Human Cell Lines


Sri Nurestri Abdul Malik




Int. J. Cancer Res

Pereskia bleo (Cactaceae) was investigated for its cytotoxic effect against selected human cell lines, namely the Human Nasopharyngeal Epidermoid Carcinoma Cell Line (KB), Human Cervical Carcinoma Cell Line (CasKi), Human Colon Carcinoma Cell Line (HCT 116), Hormone-Dependent Breast Carcinoma Cell Line (MCF7) and non-cancer Human Fibroblast Cell Line (MRC-5) by using an in vitro neutral red cytotoxicity assay. All the crude methanolic and its fractionated extracts (hexane, ethyl acetate and water) exert no damage to the MRC-5 normal cells. The crude methanol extract and the ethyl acetate fraction of Pereskia bleo possessed notably high cytotoxic effect against KB cells with IC50 values of 6.5 and 4.5 ?g mL-1, respectively. Four compounds isolated from the ethyl acetate fraction of Pereskia bleo were identified as phytol, ?-sitosterol, 2,4-di-tert-butylphenol and vitamin E. All four compounds have not been reported for this plant.