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Allormorphia malaccensis



Sonerila bullata Griff., Allomorphia bullata (Griff.), Sonerila magnifica Miq. Cassebeeria magnifica (Miq.) Kuntze., Allomorphia magnifica (Miq.) Guillaumin, Allomorphia exigua Ridley., Allomorphia exigua Clarke. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Vernacular Names:

Malaysia: Keduduk Gajah, Senduduk Gajah, Tengkuk Biawask, Pakan Rimba, Panghong, Endebi, Lidah Buaya, Senduduk Hutan, Keduduk Hutan, Kayu Kadok Gajah. [3]

General Information


Allomorphia malaccensis is a shrub which can grow up to 6 ft. tall. The leaves are ovate-acuminate with the base usually rounded or very shortly narrow and they measures 25cm long and 15cm wide and their petioles are 7.5-10cm long. There are 5 nerves which are prominent below. The panicles measure 15-30cm long and spreading. The flowers are in small cymes, small, yellowish-green or white in colour. The calyx is goblet shaped measures 0.25cm long and lobes are triangular in shape. The petals are oblong-ovate. The capsules are urn-shaped and ribbed. [1]

Plant Part Used

The part used in traditional Malay Medicine is the roots in decoctions. There are certain communities who make use of the leaves as local application in the form of heated leaves or poultice. [3]

Chemical Constituents

No documentation

Traditional Used:

A. malaccensis is used to treat leprosy and parturition (child birth). [5] Decoction of the roots given to treat arthralgia in the elderly. The same decoction was given to women after delivery. Leprosy was treated using plant probably in the form of a poultice. [3]

Pre-Clinical Data


No documentation


No documentation

Clinical Data

Clinical Trials

No documentation

Adverse Effects in Human:

No documentation

Used in Certain Conditions

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding

No documentation

Age Limitations

Neonates / Adolescents

No documentation


No documentation

Chronic Disease Conditions

No documentation


Interactions with drugs

No documentation

Interactions with Other Herbs / Herbal Constituents

No documentation



No documentation

Case Reports

No documentation


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