Alpinia conchigera Griffith


Alpinia conchigera Griffith




Languas conchigera (Griffith) Burkill.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Langkuas kechil, lengkuas padang, chengkenam.
Thailand Khaa ling (eastern).

Ri[eef]ng r[uwf]ng.

Geographical Distributions

Alpinia conchigera is found in Eastern India through continental Asia to Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra.


Alpinia conchigera is a slender herb, 0.6-1.5 m tall with slender rhizome. The leaves are oblong with a size of 15-30 cm x 4-8 cm, ciliate margins and hairless. The petiole is about 5 mm long, entire ligule that up to 5 mm long and hairy. The raceme is 20-30 cm long, sometimes with 1 basal branch, numerous cincinni, small bracts and broadly funnel-shaped.

The flowers are small, up to 1.5 cm long, short sepal which is 3 mm long and thick while the petal tube is short, elliptical-oblong lobes, about 13 mm long, white to greenish-white, obovate labellum, strongly concave, yellowish or pinkish-white with red stripes on each side, 2 short teeth (staminodes) at the base, 5 mm long filament, curved and yellow.

The 8 mm in diametre fruit is globular, pink or red and hairless. The seed is strongly aromatic.

Ecology / Cultivation

Alpinia conchigera occurs in rubber or oil-palm plantations, swampy areas, open country near villages, semi-wild or planted.

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