Herbal Extraction: Issues in Downstream Processing for Quality and Standardisation.


Ramlan A.A, Mohamad Roji S. Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai 81310 Johor.     Sivakumar K. School of Engineering and Information Technology, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Sabah.




Herbal Extraction: Issues in Downstream Processing for Quality and Standardisation.


Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Seminar (MAPS 2008)


21st October - 22nd October 2008

Place Held

The Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Herbal extracts are gaining increasing usage in medical prescriptions and over the countermedications. Often times, the usage is based on traditional practice and little to no understanding on the medicinal action of the herb is available. The effect of planting and processing on the medicinal effects as well as active chemical content is also not well known. To add to the complication, herbs are composed of multiple chemical components unlike single component pharmaceuticals. To get consistent effect, according to the pharmaceutical paradigm, herbal extracts are considered drugs and thus must be standardised for dose response studies as well as prescription. Standardisation is defined as a method of ensuring the exact chemical profile and concentration of the herbal extract. Due to the multiple steps involved in producing an herbal extract, from planting, post harvest processing, extract processing and final product processing. The Chemical Engineering Pilot Plant (CEPP), a research and business development institute, at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, was established to help bridge the gap between scientific and engineering research in healthcare products and product development. Among work that has been done are studies on the effects of the final product. In addition, studies into the standardisation of Malaysian herbs such as tongkat ali have been done where methods have been developed to target desired standardisations through set process parameters. Lastly, more detailed studies are carried out at CEPP on getting more precise understanding of the content of critical polysaccharides and proteins in herbal extracts.


Herbal extraction; downstream processing; quality; standardisation


Plenary: Session 3


Think Global, Act Local: A New Paradigm In Malaysian Herbal Industry (Prof. Emeritus Dr. Abdul Latif Ibrahim-UNISEL)