Beauty Beyond Skin Deep:Traditional Treaments for Women


Zaharah Hasan


Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)


First edition




Herbal Treatments, Diet, Midwifery,Traditional Malay Postnatal Care, External Body Care, Marriage and Family Building, Traditional Treatments for Female-related problem.


{P} The Malay tradition places high regard on the women who are supposed to be responsible for their husbands' satisfaction, for both parties is very important in any marriage to ensure family harmony and a safe and stable marriage. Thus beauty or sexual functioning as compared to skin care and other related aspects of external beauty. Traditional Malay culture puts high emphasis on treatments related to male and female libido, postnatal care and female-related disease problem.The traditional treatment related to women health are very well established, both for internal and external beauty, beginning from puberty, through marriage, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postnatal care and related female problems. As an example, there are herbal practices to be followed for the beauty of skin, hair, feet, and nail. There are also herbal practices for the care of hormonal balance and the general health of the sexual organs. Herbal formulations are also used in cases where woman is not able to conceive due to various reasons. Herbs or herbal formulations are also used for mothers who need a break after too many pregnancies. Although herbs are not encouraged during pregnancy, some herbs are recommended for maintaining the health of both the mother and unborn baby, and for easy delivery.